On-line Defensive Driver Training

Providing employees with defensive driver training delivers benefits that stretch far beyond simply complying with Health and Safety legislation.

Effective on-line and practical training provides tangible returns in areas such as fuel savings, maintenance spend, accident repair costs, environmental impact, corporate reputation and business performance. However, losing key staff for a half or full day while they receive in-vehicle training is a huge financial and human resource obstacle. This is one of the reasons many organisations have either delayed this important activity or have decided not to offer it; a risky strategy if a blameworthy accident occurs and the HSE becomes involved.

At Total Driving Solutions our dedicated new media team has spent 2 years creating a web-based On-line Defensive Driver Training system specifically for the fleet sector. Developed using the expertise of some of the best on-road fleet driver trainers in the sector, initial feedback from industry experts indicates that there is no other system available that has the functionality to compete with this programme.

In summary, the new web based system brings the content of the on road practical defensive driver training course and places it on-line. Far from being just an instruction manual, it is a highly interactive system which takes the driver through a comprehensive on-line defensive driver training course providing the following benefits.

  • Significant cost savings. – A hugely cost effective method of properly training company vehicle drivers. In particular those of a medium risk, as high risk drivers should still undertake in-vehicle instruction.
  • Time savings. – The ability to learn defensive driving techniques without the disruption of taking time out of the office to undertake on-road training.
  • Flexible. – you can take a break at any time and the system allows you to re-start where you left off – even if you go back to it several days later. This means you can integrate it into your working day.
  • Accurate reflection of in-vehicle training. – the system is made up of highly interactive sections whereby the user is able to apply what they have learnt using on-line braking, parking and manoeuvring techniques, as well as hazard perception and applying observation skills.
  • Personal and Interactive. – An online tutor talks you through every stage of the course. In addition, you have the ability to email your on-line tutor at any time and ask questions which will be responded to by a professional driver trainer.
  • Best Practice. – An on-line training process which follows Roadcraft, widely accepted as being best practice for on-road defensive driver training.
  • Secure. – access is via a unique user name and password so that you can control who receives training on-line. Also, a password can only be used once which means drivers cannot let anyone else use it.
  • Management information. – A secure area is designed exclusively for fleet managers who can see who has completed their training, what stages of training drivers are up to (if they have decided to do the course in stages), as well as gathering a vast range of other vital data.


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