Driver Profiling and On-line Risk Assessment

Many fleet operators face a genuine dilemma when considering a risk assessment of their drivers. They know it’s a legal obligation that has to be fulfilled. They also know that in commercial terms it is a huge project, which takes up significant financial and human resource.

But now with the advent of on-line solutions, many companies are finding that the process is not only extremely quick and simple, it is also very affordable. In fact, apart from a physical inspection of each vehicle, using an on-line assessment tool means they can rest assured that they have met their duty of care requirements with minimal effort.

Total Driving Solutions is a market leader in this field, providing driver profiling and on-line risk assessment solutions to some of the highest profile, and largest, fleet operators in the UK. In summary, our on-line programme provides a series of assessments which are able to detect an individual’s likelihood of being at risk, or causing danger, when driving.

To carry out the assessment, each driver is provided with a login to our system, and as long as they have access to the Internet, they can conduct the assessment in their own time, and their risk rating is calculated automatically.

The results are collated centrally to provide the fleet manager with the evidence that all risk assessments have been completed, with the entire process taking around 20 minutes per person.

  • Designed for the fleet sector – All questions, photographs, tests etc. have been produced specifically for our system. In an industry which has tended to use similar off the shelf packages, ours is exclusive to our customers and designed by occupational road risk and driver training professionals.
  • Minimal disruption to key personnel – drivers are assessed quickly and without disruption to their working day, with no personal intervention from management.
  • Credibility – a password can only be used once which means drivers cannot ‘have another go’ or let anyone else use it. The system also uses random images and questions, which makes it almost impossible for someone to copy another person’s response and means a true and accurate assessment is achieved for each individual.
  • Accuracy of assessment – a device times the responses which makes it very hard to cheat. You will know if the driver has gone away to find out an answer to a question.
  • Provides vital management information – An on-line ‘master user’ area enables the fleet manager or person responsible to check progress, print reports etc.
  • Secure access – using a unique user name and password provides total protection to your drivers and your company.


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