On-line Services. Driver Risk Profiling and On-line Risk Assessments.

Many fleet operators face a genuine dilemma when considering a risk assessment of their drivers. They know it’s a legal obligation that has to be fulfilled. They also know that in commercial terms it is a huge project, which takes up significant financial and human resource. But now with the advent of on-line solutions, many companies are finding that the process is not only extremely quick and simple, it is also very affordable. In fact, apart from a physical inspection of each vehicle, using an on-line assessment tool means they can rest assured that they have met their duty of care requirements with minimal effort.

On-line Services. On-line Defensive Driver Training.

The provision of defensive driver training provides benefits that stretch far beyond simply complying with Health and Safety legislation. Effective on-line and practical training provides tangible returns in areas such as fuel savings, maintenance spend, accident repair costs, environmental impact, corporate reputation and business performance. However, losing key staff for a half or full day while they receive in-vehicle training is a huge financial and human resource obstacle. This is one of the reasons many organisations have either delayed this important activity or have decided not to offer it – a risky strategy if a blameworthy accident occurs and the HSE become involved.